Our training approach

CoLAB aspires to make a difference in the project management and decided to extend the motto of “Practical Project Success” to the Learning Academy.

With the Practical Project Management workshop the CoLAB Learning Academy has aligned it’s training interventions to the CoLAB project management approach by focusing on the project lifecycles. Learners will get the opportunity to work on their current projects during the training. Not only do we share practical tips and guidelines on project management, but coaching also forms part of the training. Each training intervention has a coaching component to ensure that the learners are guided by experienced project managers on how to apply their skills practically. This adds value to the learning journey, ensuring practical project success.

This approach allows us the opportunity to measure the learning that has taken place. The training provider becomes a partner in the learning process and the impact on the work environment can objectively be measured. Areas for support and development are recorded and communicated to line management.

The diagram below depicts the CoLAB approach versus the traditional approach to training:


The benefit of our training

Through this approach, the CoLAB Learning Academy can ensure that new information and skills are transferred to the work environment. Learners will receive objective, supportive coaching to increase their confidence to apply new skills practically.

Our values

The CoLAB values are Transparency, People, Ownership and Satisfied Customers. With this approach CoLAB has the opportunity to actively live the brand and values. For us, it is not just about training people, but rather about making a difference through support and coaching.